YOO LI’s ‘A Sheet of Space’ with TriumphX

YOO LI graduated from Chung-Ang University’s College of Art with sculpture major and studied sculpture in Milan, Italy. She is an artist who has built up her career by participating in numerous exhibitions in various galleries and art fairs. She is stepping into the blockchain by issuing NFTs with TriumphX, adding her new history along the digitalization.

Sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell. Among the elements of the senses responsible for most of the things we feel in life, YOO LI focused on vision. By accidently erasing and moving a line inside the cube drawn in the drawing book, she became interested in how sensitive our perception is with just the slightest movement of that line. YOO LI tries various things to see and create a unique style of art. This attempt to expand the artist’s visual and perceptual possibilities comes anew to the viewer. Her work, which expresses the distortion of space that exists through her lines, contrasts, and forms, raises questions and arouses interest in viewers.

Drawing books may be just plain paper to some, but to YOO LI, infinite space is hidden in them, and they are various inspiring objects. Drawing book is also a tool that helps the artist fold and cut drawing books and experiment with different things. Through such various attempts, she creates a new space and presents the viewer with another world that exists beyond. The drawing book is a medium that enables the artist to create a three-dimensional space in a paper called a plane, a paradoxical situation.

Recently, YOO LI is attempting to expand the ‘Relative boundary’ series by combining elements that reveal symbolism and reflecting them in her work. The curves and architectural elements shown in the work are such things. Forms reminiscent of buildings, doors, and waves are partially reduced to ‘mirrors’ and coexist with the outside world in their own frame. The reflection of fragmented and distorted real space in the abstract world designed by the artist shows the boundary between reality and virtual reality through the illusion of an unfamiliar world in a familiar form. If the previous works showed a clear optical illusion that stimulates the sense of straight lines, the recent works tried to consider the emotional part that can reflect a little more personal memory through everyday materials.

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