Wonkyung Cho’s first NFT with ENFTEE

3 min readFeb 11, 2022


“To me, my dog is my life companion and my best friend. It comforts me just by being next to me”

Wonkyung Cho (Rozy) is a pop artist who draws pictures of pets. Her works mainly focus on dogs and flowers to visualize the communion with dogs that communicate with the world through their sense of smell. She hopes that many people know about the existence of the dogs and the dogs get loved by more people. She also hopes that people will recognize the happiness and love that the pets can give, as she experienced since her early childhood, through her works.

Wongkyung Cho pursues visualization of scent through the subject of flowers, as she tells the stories of dogs that communicate with the world with their sense of smell. In the past, a dog used to be tied to a leash outside the house, but now it lives inside the house with people. Therefore, for the artist, dogs are like fragrant beings and flowers.

This special affection for her dog also appears in her works. Wonkyung Cho had numerous exhibitions such as “Walking Only the Flower Road” at Starfield Hanam and AnSeong, the individual exhibition “Natural Dog in JeonJu” invited by Sori Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do, and “MY PET” from Print Bakery by Seoul Auction Exhibition.

My Clover Part. 2 _ HOPE acrylic on canvas 50x50 2021

Wonkyung Cho’s first NFT series with ENFTEE is “My Clover Part. 2.” It tells a story of the “red string of fate” of those that are destined to meet will meet someday, and connects to how people meet with their pets, and how it is a luck and destiny for them. The positive message written on a four-leaf clover balloon connected with a red string to the dog tells the story of gratefulness and treasured relationship with the pets.

She said “I hope that people and the pet can communicate and interact through my works. Also I wish my works can give people little smile, joy, and some pleasant energy in out difficult daily lives.”

This series is limited to a total of 30 editions for each work. Each of the series will be released through ENFTEE.

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