The Innocence of Current Affair Cartoonist KJH

Painting Current Affairs

The current affairs comics are bold and pleasant. The artist KJH (Kim Jin-ho), who had been working as a reporter and PD, was bright on current affairs and liked to draw from childhood and had a natural sense of humor.

He has been drawing current affairs in the Incheon Daily, the Chungcheong Ilbo, the Yeongnam Ilbo, and Gyeongnam Maeil for over 20 years. Currently, he is supplying reviews to many Internet media such as Financial Today, and is working as an illustrator for MBN Channel A. In particular, he is an illustrator in the ChannelA gold class program.

He was particularly interested in politics and economy, and was an illustrator mainly representing the mass. He twisted the irrational political world and desperately captured the suffering of common people in an irrational social structure.

The politicians and celebrities who were criticized by him may have been displeased with his illustrated daggers, but there are a lot of people who cheer him up for giving him the words he wanted to say.

Pure Conversation Digitally

I was able to handle 7–8 design programs while drawing current affairs manga. While working on illustrations for a long time, he has also worked digitally on pure paintings. He did not neglect to create various textures and colors using programs. His dream, which he had hidden because of his father, who was opposed to taking art as his business, is now unfolding to his heart’s content.

For him, the field of NFT was like a dream. Digital painting overcomes the sadness of being treated as not in the same class as pure painting, and is able to enter the era of digital art, which is more likely than pure painting.

Antiwar Charms in NFT

It was KJH who came to TriumphX first. He said that he wanted to make NFT by introducing digitally created works as if they were unpacking the treasure box containing the treasures that had been kept for a long time, and showing them one by one

We decided to publish both the fine art he had cherished as a treasure and the artwork he made while fighting in reality through the NFT. This is because both of those reversal charms were KJH itself. One will commemorate the historical record, and the other will be able to record the soul of a living individual.

Although crypto art is published under the same artist’s name, I hope that you can enjoy a completely different genre, art as work and art for the soul.

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