SohnSeohyun 1st NFT Series, Shift Scene

Sohnseohyun artist was always impressed with the vibe that nature has presented us with.

The artist wanted to express the pressure of life and questions that needs to be answered through our daily lives.

With the weight of life, the artist replaces the stagnant desires that have never been expressed with plants with vitality and puts them on the canvas. The plants that caught the artist’s eye during the trip were the dwarfs that showed their vitality in the ridiculously barren wasteland. The mass of heterogeneous plants built up by following memories and drawing one by one is a combination that is impossible in reality, creating an even more unrealistic space due to the weak contrast between light and dark and the absence of shadows, approaching the viewer with an unfamiliar vitality.

Sohnseohyun :Background of the Artist


2006 Graduated from Ewha Womans University College of Art and Design, majoring in Painting and Printmaking

2009 Graduated from Ewha Womans University, majoring in Painting and Printmaking


2021 Scenery of Silence, The Columns Gallery Cafe, Bundang

2019 One Fine Day, H Contemporary Gallery, Pangyo

2018 Floating Space, GS Ophthalmology x Public Gallery, Seoul

2017 Sohn Seo Hyun Invitational Exhibition, Cello Art, Seoul

2016 Garden of Thoughts, Art Space Lou, Seoul

2015 balancing , Placemak, Seoul

2012 SHIFT , Gallery Dool, Seoul

2011 parascape — Lost Horizon, Art Space Present, Seoul


2016 Nature Companion, Gallery Mir, Daegu

2016 Ways of Seeing, LIG ART SPACE, Seoul

2013 Unexpected Space , Lotte Gallery Jamsil, Seoul


2021The Perspective of Contemporary Art, Yangpyeong Museum of Art, Yangpyeong

2020 Fiction : Nonfiction, Ian Art Space, Seoul

2019 Spring Landscape, Gallery Mercielvis, Busan

Sohnseohyun artist is releasing it’s first NFT series with TriumphX. The Artist’s first series is called Shift Scene.

An enigma like fantastical landscape drawn by the artist. It depicts a surreal that transcends time and space on the background of artificial landscapes rather than primitive nature. The artist is a veteran Korean artist who has been active for 15 years as of 2021. The works presented this time are the works exhibited in 2012 and are her precious first works. ***** The copyrights of the original art piece belongs to the author/creator of the art. First Mint / Sold at

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