SHHAN’s World Connected with Cat Niki

SHHAN majored in interior architecture and has been working in architectural design and interior design for over 10 years. Then, a cat named Niki (Russian Blue) found him and he has been living with her for 8 years.

The motif of the work started with Niki. Niki emoticons were created and released as emoticon stickers for LINE, which is operated by Naver, and are still being sold.

First Images of Nicky

At first Niki was drawn as only white cats, but now it is expressed in various colors as well. Niki is gray, but at first he preferred white for ease of drawing. He added more imagination to the appearance of the cat, which started from his daily life.

Beginning of Nicky

Shhan also expressed Niki as a horror series. At the beginning of these cat series various concepts and genre were under evaluation and it was tested in various methods.

Testing the concepts

Various versions of the cat appear on his Instagram . After that, it was recently organized into the style of a black cat with a crown, and the cat is traveling in a multiverse of various worldviews. The Crown Cat is also available as a mini card.

Cat with the crown series

He also appears in a scene from science fiction that is reminiscent of a sci-fi series. Niki has already penetrated into his deep worldview.

Niki is all about sleeping or looking out the window all day. He also spends time observing tropical fish that he has recently started raising. However, Nicky’s world seems to be connected to SHHAN’s world. If you look at SHHAN’s works, it is because they are constantly interacting with Niki, connecting and expanding their daily lives and other worlds through the cat as a medium.

We cannot expect when SHHAN’s work style will change again someday. However, it seems that he will travel various worlds with Niki for the rest of his life.

Shhan released first series of NFT with TriumphX which is called ‘Multiverse Part 1’. It contains three artwork titled ‘Time Traveler’, ‘Red Ribbon’, and ‘Attack on Titan’.

TriumphX presents three of SHHAN’s recent works in the “Multiverse Part1” series as his first NFT collection. Each work is limited to a total of three editions, and it can be found on the NFT platforms of Triumph X, ENFTEE and Sole-X.

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