Rookie NFT Exhibition Opened with Analog Emotion as it is

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After the Rosa Fantasy collection, which captured Korea’s unique sentiment realistically, this time, we will open a special Rookie NFT exhibition that contains the fresh analog sensibility of emerging Korean contemporary artists. Let’s meet two artists selected for the first ENFTEE Rookie Exhibition and explore their world of art.

CHA JAEYOUNG, an artist who always wants to travel and live with the heart of a young child.

In my childhood,

it was like a magic which has never lost a mystique and a fantastic emotion.

In my childhood,,,

I couldn’t back to the old time,

but I am able to run back over the past through a work of art.

By recollecting, I really hope that people can live over again and

can be warm-hearted.

Part of an introduction of the author’s work, extracted from the blog of CHA JAEYOUNG

The artist has a brilliant career to be a young writer. She has participated in more than 80 solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Japan, and China, and has been awarded the Hanseong Baekje Art Competition (2009), the Korean Art International Competition (2011), and the PyeongChang Biennale National Competition (2013). Her work is also included in high school art textbook.

Her works mainly consist of installation works that bring a sense of life into the space. The pink curve that freely extends from the bright pink clouds symbolizes concentric mind and freedom, and makes people feel a strange adrenaline rising from the audience.

Through her work, “I think travel is a great and great shelter for modern people living a straight and boring life.” She said, “It is a new sense in a monotonous daily life by revitalizing the experience of emotion that was created at the moment that even visitors to the exhibition encountered through travel. I hope to be able to express this.”

The [JOURNEY] series introduced at ENFTEE provides an opportunity to digitalize and hold her works that disappear after one installation in an offline space. For the artist, Rookie’s special exhibition will be a very interesting challenge unlike the existing exhibition.

When everyday objects feel unfamiliar ; tripleA

The second artist is Lee Hee-seung, who is active under the stage name tripleA. Her works begin with capturing a delicate moment. They are everyday objects that you can often encounter in every corner, but in her frame they become new characters.

2015 group exhibition <INTAC-Desire_The Double edged Sword>, Kunstquartier Bethanien, BERLIN

The first collection presented by ENFTEE is [Graph of memory]. The artist was interested in the process of inputting physical activities and daily memories into data on a smartphone, and captured the shape of a graph drawn by the data in a digital photo. Objects that draw real lines and virtual objects created by light and shadow evoke a mysterious aura.

The [Graph of memory] collection was the artist’s earliest work and was shown at the Kunstquartier Bethanien exhibition in Berlin. At that time, the artist said that it was exciting to remember that artists from various countries in the field of digital art gathered in Berlin, which is the center of contemporary art, to debate on the same subject.

tripleA will introduce a collection of various concepts at ENFTEE in the future. I think it will be fun to collect works by series while following the chronology of her works. The work prepared as a follow-up collection is a work in which a black and white background and white-toned objects meet to discover unexpected sensations.

Discovery of ENFTEE, Rookie Artist Exhibition

This Rookie Artist’s special exhibition focused on bringing the analog sensibility into NFT by recruiting contemporary Korean artists who are mainly active offline exhibitions to give a fresh experience to the NFT art world that is limited to digital art. Going beyond the limitations of the off-line space caused by the corona pandemic, introducing the work of a promising artist to the world in an online space and turning it into a digital asset, it presents an unprecedented challenge in the existing art market.

Rookie artist’s work is spreading through word of mouth as it is sold as soon as it is opened. It may be a golden opportunity to have ownership of the work of a promising artist at the lowest price. Details of each NFT work can be found on the site. is currently in beta version and payment is made only with TRIX coins, but adding Ethereum as payment methods is planned.

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