Pyokisik NFT with TriumphX

After working alone as a photographer, artist Pyokisik made a debut as commercial picture artist at 2013. He was part of a project that photographs the same scenery for a year, and he is well known for dreamy photo of nature.

His fame comes from photographing famous celebrities but he is also well known for his photos of beautiful nature.

His recent exhibition took place in Sandwich APT, a famous exhibition center in Seoul. His solo exhibition showed various side of the nature, plant, trees, and forest.

Artist Pyokisik is also known for his control of light in his photos. He believes playing with light with the subject of the photo is the beauty of photography and fun of photographer.

Artist Pyokisik wants people to realize the beauty of every day nature through the NFT that he publishes with TriumphX.

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He has released the 2nd NFT series with ENFTEE. Flowers and scene of the nature that heals your soul is the theme of the Epilogue Series. Epilogue Series was released on the 2nd week of December.

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