Photography NFTs by Song Kwang-chan

Song Kwang-chan has a unique history as a photographer. He majored in mechanical system engineering in college, but during his college years, he got interest in photography as he worked as a technical department dealing with digital video and sound in broadcasting stations. He learned about photography from an elder of the newspaper team at the school, while he wanted to study productive things besides studying at school.

After he graduated, he met a photographer and they started “bittarae,” a photo gallery/space where it sold photographs and related books, and opened various small exhibitions for many photographers.

Pictures of the Palace Seen from the Eyes of Queens Series

He is known for his infrared photography techniques. He shot a lot of works of han-oks, traditional Korean buildings, palaces, and temples to show what people see in a more vivid way. He said he is now focusing on “capturing the connection between humans and spaces through buildings and spaces in them”.

Balloon Puppy Still Traveling 2

Song Kwang-chan’s first NFT series is “Balloon Puppy Still Traveling.” The series is about how the photographer travels around the world repeatedly for the new works, but since traveling these days is not easy, he sends a balloon puppy instead that brings the artist’s wish to see the world.

This series is limited to a total of 55 editions for each work. Each of the series will be released through ENFTEE.

Website :
Twitter : ENFTEE Twitter
Instagram : ENFTEE Instagram




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