NFT Love Series by Song Hyeongno

Song Hyeongno draws stories about happy lives and lovely dreams.

Through Olivia, a character in the animation that his daughter enjoyed, he conveys a message of the preciousness and happiness of family and neighbors. Song Hyeonhno’s unique use of lovely and vivid colors brings back people’s innocence of childhood.

Song Hyeongno mainly draws animals, and this is because he thinks there is nothing like animals for metaphorical expressions. The metaphor is not direct in a sense it can hold various meanings and express more beyond what the artist and audience imagine.

Song Hyeongno’s first NFT series is “NFT Love Series.” The series has 3 artworks of ‘love (heart)’. Heart is used in the meaning of love all over the world, and he hopes people can practice and convey the true love and share the happy energy by looking at his works. Below are the descriptions of each artwork.

Pink Heart Cloud: A few years ago, a pink heart-shaped cloud appeared in the Chinese sky. Heart is commonly used in the meaning of love, as shown in countless commercial designs and art works, but it seems too far from its visual and knowledge and everyday practice. People can practice heaven through their love of family, friends, and neighbors.

Olivia over the Wall: Due to their bone structure, pigs cannot see the sky unless they lean against the wall. Olivia always leans against the wall to look at the sky and dream a dream. Olivia lets go of the greed and waits for luck from heaven.

Sony Angel: Rabbits are clever and cute, and they are the most comfortable and humane of all imaginary animals. They are also an imaginary sacred being who pound rice cakes on the moon in Korean culture. The entry into the new world is a narrow road like a rabbit hole and only small people like a rabbit can enter. I should be humble like a little rabbit.

This series is limited to a minimum of 25 editions (Sony Angel) to a maximum of 50 editions (Oliver over the Wall & Pink Heart Cloud) for each work. Each of the series will be released through ENFTEE.

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Twitter : ENFTEE Twitter
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