Namjeahyun’s 1st NFT Series ‘Passage’, Launched with TriumphX

Artist Namjeahyun, who majored in Oriental painting at Seoul National University, is working with the technique of coloring on long paper.

In a modern society where human relationships and face-to-face communication are disappearing, people satisfy their absence and loneliness in virtual reality. Some share daily communication through an alliance between game characters in the game, while others create their own world in a virtual world such as the metaverse. As if to comfort these current members of society, Namjeahyun’’s paintings each have their own little world.

His worlds contain colorful nature and also contain a panda driving a car. His works show that there was a process of contemplating expression through a large amount of work along with various insights in order to play a role of emotional recovery for the viewers and to convey the thoughts contained in the work to them naturally.

Namjeahyun launches his first NFT with TriumphX. The first series is planned to be launched in collaboration with the Chuseok event. The Chuseok Month 1+1 event, which promotes the experience of gifting NFTs to friends through KakaoTalk Klip Wallet, will be held from September 17th to September 22nd. During this period, the user who owns Namjeahyun’s NFT works will receive one more of his works.

Namjeahyun’s first NFT series, the ‘Passage’ series, goes well with artist Namjeahyun, who reminds the viewer of a healing place through a trip to another world. TriumphX expects his first NFT to be a haven for many people who want to take a break from reality. ENFTEE and Sole-X are making several attempts with more diverse works through NFT.

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