LynnK’s First NFT Series with TriumphX

Hug Yourself

In order to love someone and be healed, ‘love yourself first’ is the first priority. In his paintings, the figure of hugging each other vigorously and lovingly hugging oneself at the same time symbolizes a self-hug. It contains the message to listen to yourself more and love yourself more. LynnK’s work expresses love, coexistence, and healing, while the self-hugging animal works focus on loving and caring for themselves.


A family is the primary group that humans come into contact with, forms the first relationship, and is a group for the random expulsion of coexistence, but the density of love is higher than any other community. These works were created by expressing the love of the family, the sacrifice of the mother, and the community of family. The tears she shed were expressed as crystal objects.

3pm: Time for the magic wand

As if the universe had stopped, the magical second hand of the clock no longer moves at 3 pm, a time that surpasses me, which comes back every day.

3pm is the “perfect time” to focus on work that has nothing to fear from the drowsiness after lunch, giving you the confidence to start anything.

Great Expectation

Even though my life was not materially prosperous, we realize that we have come this far with the power of prayer and our mother’s long time. There is a saying that prayer is a way where there is no way. Even in the age of material versatility and gold, the legacy of immortality is probably the mother’s prayer for her children.

The typical history of LynnK is as follows.

- Designer who launched ‘Simply Vera’, Vera Wang’s jewelry line

- Jewelry is also embedded in the work

- Participated as a representative Korean artist in the French National Art Salon Exhibition (Salon SNBA 2016) held at the Louvre Carousel Hall in Paris, France in 2016

  • Works with the 12 zodiac signs every year, and the open work this time is a monkey painting depicting the relationship with the family.
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