LynnK 2nd NFT with ENFTEE

New works from the exhibition ‘A Different Way of Seeing: Be Jeweled’ prepared by artist LynnK will be presented as NFTs on the ENFTEE platform.

The exhibition ‘A Different Way of Seeing: Be Jeweled’ presents a new perspective on the world through jewelry objects. True to her history of launching Vera Wang’s jewelry line while working in New York, you can enjoy the ecstasy of attractive jewelry in this exhibition. The exhibition will be held at the Galleria in Bangbae-dong from 13.11. 2021 to 11.27.

One day before the exhibition, her new work as an NFT at ENFTEE is opened and issued only 10 editions per piece. Unlike the exhibition, on the Gallery S page of ENFTEE, not only the finished work but also the exhibition preparation process are presented in NFT. Through this, it is interesting to see her delicate and colorful sketches in handling jewelry objects one by one.

Artist Lynnk has been working as a fine art artist for many years, and she was invited to exhibit as a Korean representative at the French National Art Salon (Salon SNBA 2016) held at the Louvre Carousel Louvre in Paris 2016. She currently works as an object artist and art jewelry columnist.

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