Lyan Ha Myth & Legend Artist

Lyan Ha, an artist who creates a unique image inspired by myths and legends.

Artist Lyan HA graduated from the Department of Ceramics in the Faculty of Art and Design, Kyunghee University in 2009, and went to Japan to complete the graduate course at Kyoto City University of the Arts. In 2012, he completed an exchange student course at the Royal University of Arts in the UK. After completing all his studies, he currently lives and works in the Marunuma Forest of Art in Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

The Marunuma Art Forest was established in 1985 by Katsushike Susaki, the head of the Marunuma Group in Japan, to support artists both physically and mentally. There are 12 artists working here, and artist Lyan HA is working as a ceramicist and foreign artist.

Artist Lyan HA has successfully held a total of 7 solo exhibitions since 2012, including Message hidden in humor (2017, Tokyo), Message hidden in humor (2018, Daejeon), and Brilliant New Year’s Pig: A Gift of Blessing for You (2019, Seoul). and held two group exhibitions. In addition, in 2017, he produced the official mascot of Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, and participated in the special cooperation exhibition of the Korean Cultural Center in Tokyo in 2018.

Artist Lyan HA reproduces the mysterious beings that are likely to be encountered in old stories in reality through ceramics. The author, who has loved oral literature since childhood, unravels the characters in the story, especially the goblin, through his work.

The artist’s goblin works are quite humorous and satirical. On the one hand, it is ridiculous, but on the other hand, it contains a sharp criticism of the current state of affairs.

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“I have loved oral literature since childhood. The existence of numerous stories made me feel human realism. Oral playful expressions such as satire, humor, contrast, etc. are historical and artistic inspiration that is hard like a stone monument conveyed in words. This made it.”

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