leesangsun’s first NFT: “abstract impression”

Leesangsun graduated from Stuttgarter Kunstakademie Aufbaustudium back in 1999 and have been actively working steadily till nowadays. He held over 20 solo exhibitions from 1994 to 2020, and actively showed his artistic talent by participating in installation projects, writing books, and playing guitars with his actor friend, Jung In-Ki, by using a nickname “kkachi”.

leesangsun draws a picture that one can look into. He wants viewers to draw out and feel their own intimate sensibility when they look at his works.

abstract impression, 65x53cm, acrylic, cement on canvas, 2021

In his “abstract impression” series, he is focused on diversity that can lead to novelty. The delicate colors will settle down as one looks deeper, and soon one will see different colors and things. The works express his (leesangsun’s) impression of nature in various colors in his perspective. Yet, the artist said that everyone has different view of looking at the nature, and this will let the people see his works in new and different perspective.

This series is limited to a total of 100 editions for each work. Each of the series will be released through ENFTEE.

He writes notes when he is working on his drawings, and here are some his notes:

I wanted to draw a little strange picture. 211192

I draw a picture that I want to look into. 210927

I do not principle for work. There’s nothing you cannot do. Throw away all the compulsions, I will just be honest with everything, including myself. 210728

Make the most of 1st step of drawing and 2nd step of rough painting. … Then I remove my intention one by one where I look at familiar things in unfamiliar gaze and perspective, the start point of my works. The touch becomes slow and more delicate; the intensity of color is adjusted more carefully. 210513

Follow the flow of color and the light. Don’t get hung up on the form. Perceived light becomes natural from the unconscious touch of color. At some point, the picture paints the picture. 210309

Website : ENFTEE.com
Twitter : ENFTEE Twitter
Instagram : ENFTEE Instagram





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