Lee, Mokul Captain Smile Series

On the 22nd of March, a series called Captain Smile with an artist that is well known for his smile series is about to be released. Series called ‘Captain Smile’ is expected to release a limited number of works with limited editions. The release of the smile series as the NFT series is an experimental attempt by the artist with ENFTEE site, and it contains a message about a smile that anyone can easily do, but is difficult to do.

Artist LeeMokul opened a new style of “Smile-ism” in contrast to his usual style of hyperrealism. His paintings are more realistic than they actually are, and they are well received and have a history in art textbooks. In a recent article, he said, “If the heavens take my eyes away, there will be a reason for that pain.” He showed his beautiful and firm determination for life and said that he expressed his pain in his smile series.

Artist LeeMokul said that he has a love for the Smile Series, which gave him the nickname Smile Painter among the numerous series of works of 13 years that have been highly acclaimed. As a writer, he does not accept the unfavorable situation as a limit and sublimates it into laughter rather than overcoming it, and his behind-the-scenes story has become an inspiration for young people.

Artist LeeMokul is highly regarded in the United States and China through solo exhibitions and art fairs at home and abroad. His work was introduced in art textbooks for elementary school (Geumseongsa), junior high school (Mijinsa), and high school (Gyohaksa), and he is also the author of a book. In his book, he published a book called “Youth Man-Dam” to convey his delightful philosophy, telling the wandering youth that both positivity and negativity has another side to the story.

Not only his fans but also the artist in the field is always waiting for his new series. Some artists speak highly of his work for the contrast between his series. “You might think it is easy for an artist to jump from realistic painting to abstract painting, but this transformation is just as painful as giving birth to a child. It is like changing your skin color, and to be accepted with a new style of art is difficult as well,” an artist mentioned. Since the drastic change in his series were applauded by the public and the critics only thing left for us is to wait for his next series while loving the current one.

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