KJM 1st NFT Collection — Unbroken Heart

Unbroken Heart

Photographer KJM (Kim Jung-Man)’s first NFT collection was released with Triumph X, which clearly captures the essence of the subject in one frame. The reason behind the bravery of jumping into NFT world with its name value, KJM (Kim Jung-Man), which is a big challenge was unknown and this is the issue that would be covered in this editorial piece.

Vogue, ELLE, BAZAAR…. Top Photographer

In fact, KJM (Kim Jung-man) is Korea’s leading top photographer, and there are not many people who do not know this fact. He fell in love with photography in his 20s, and he won the Young Artist Award at the Arles International Photography Festival in France in 1977, and at the age of 23, he was selected as the youngest artist in France’s 80 Artists of the Day. Recognized in France, he has worked on various projects with famous overseas magazines such as Vogue, ELLE, and BAZAAR, and celebrities waiting for him to press the shutter that has lined up.

‘Dazed & Confused’ July Cover Page

The first Korean photographer to be listed in the Sotheby’s auction, he has many record breaking ‘first’ titles. Participating in representative movie posters such as <Monster>, <Tazza>, and <Sweet Life> in Korea and photographed over 1000 celebrities through his lense. He has earned 8 billion won while working as a commercial writer in Korea for 7 years, so you can roughly estimate the amount of his activity.

KJM’s Movie Poster <Tazza> , <Monster>
KJM’s Celebrity Photos

The life of a stranger without boundaries

An artist who brings out complex and subtle emotions such as sadness, joy, anger, and lingering that an actor may have, a artist who sensibly delivers the message that the film is trying to convey by high concentration and compression, he is known for various sides.

An artist who expresses a sensual and fierce life through the intense eyes and tight muscles of wild animals…

His unique gaze in the frame aims for freedom without boundaries. Where does the ability to transcend boundaries and capture complex emotional lines in one frame come from?

Born in Gangwon-do, he moved to Africa with his father, a surgeon who went to provide medical assistance to poor countries. He did not have a school where he lived at the time, so he majored in Western painting at the National University of Applied Art in Nice, France.

He was born and raised in Korea, but he did not welcome him from the beginning when he came back to Korea. He was deported from Korea during the war due to his acquisition of French nationality and his unusual appearance (a long-haired man with earrings) at the time.

But he still loves Korea. Is it because of his habit of living his whole life like a stranger and accepting many of his wounds as fate? His photographs erase all boundaries, heal wounds, and hug them with a warm gaze.

He remembers his father, who is no longer by his side, as a’liberal’. Did his father’s influence have a big impact? Like his father, who was both a liberal and philanthropist, the current KJM (Kim Jung-man) artist suddenly ceased commercial activities and, like his father, supported the children of poor countries, helping the world’s remote and polar regions, and the nature of Korea. She is continuing her photography activities.

From 10,000 won, a writer who has no boundaries in communication with the public

KJM (Kim Jung-man) has no boundaries in the way of communication through his works. He wanted to give more people an opportunity to have art comfortably, and he opened an unconventional exhibition where people can buy his work from 10,000 won, which is sold as a billion-dollar artist who chooses a shopping cart under the title of ‘Kim Jung Man Art Supermarket’. It was a successful exhibition in which 4,000 people visited the exhibition hall for three weeks. ‘Kim Jung Man Art Supermarket 2’, which was planned for the second time, was donated in full to the operation cost of low-income patients at Korea University Anam Medical Center in collaboration with Canon.

Many brands wanted to work with him, but the projects KJM (Kim Joong-man) worked with had a lot of collaborations for the underprivileged. In addition to establishing a school in Vietnam with photographer Se-hyun Cho, he also supported the Angkor Wat Art School through collaborations with brands such as Adidas, Canon, and LG. The entire sales price was supported as an ophthalmic surgery fee for the underprivileged.

[Art Supermarket 2], [EYES of VEGA]

Among the numerous celebrities he worked with, the most intense object for him was his work with Kim Hyun-sik, who was a singer. The picture of Kim Hyun-sik is none other than a picture of his feet. The bitter and short life of Kim Hyun-sik, who captured the times of the common people at the time in music, is melted in a single photo, and looking at the photo is thrilling. His gaze is the power to comfort the public. He is a photographer who truly understands the public.

KJM’s Kim Hyun-Sikk Photo (who has past away)

KJM (Kim Joong Man)’s 1st NFT Collection

KJM’s first NFT collection is surprisingly not a living subject. Rather, more stories are condensed in this work, such as a torn sneakers and an array of writing instruments that contain traces of time, making us indulge in the living time of the past.

In the past, his works began with understanding the subject, but in this work, the viewers who see the work are in charge of different interpretations of the subject based on their accumulated time and experience.

In the two collections that KJM (Kim Joong-man) presents for the first time in the NFT market, you can take a deeper look at his worldview.

The first collection, [Contrast], is a story about the relationship and reverberation that are entangled like a chain that penetrated from the borderless love of humanity, the view of art, and his surrounding relationships.

Padong Gong-myung

His second collection, [Unbroken], is his view of the world that he puts into objects. Through the arrangement of torn and worn sneakers and old writing utensils, he projects his self and our self. It is also the image of a subject that can be comforted by humans who are not always new in the capitalism pursuing new and sparkling things. His own gaze that accepts wounds as beauty can also be seen in this work.

Unbroken Heart

The opening of the NFT collection, prepared through his accumulated experience, is another challenge that contains Kim Jung-man’s desire to constantly communicate with the public. I hope you feel comfort and peace in the alienated people and the alienated image.

KJM’s Exhibition

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