Kim Sun-Hyuk’s 1st NFT with ENFTEE

Sun-Hyuk Kim is a sculptor who studied Environmental Sculpture at Seoul National University. He metaphorically expresses his consideration of fundamental questions about existence and inevitable anxiety through various visual media such as sculpture, object installation, and painting.

Sun-Hyuk Kim is known for expressing human ontological value using iron in his works. He is known in Europe, United States, and Hong Kong. He held his first oversea individual exhibition with the invitation from the ONEIRO gallery in Paris, France. He also worked on a collaborative project with Hermes in Shanghai, China. His works are collected by Daxton Hotel and Shanghai Hermes.

Naked portrait 8_painted stainless steel_60x120x71cm_2017(2)

His works and the sculptures look like a human being made with trees or roots of plants. He says the works are “just branches or veins without leaves or skin. So those look weak as if they don’t have any power. That is our original existence. It is a kind of confession or realization about it. Sometimes we think we are such a perfect existence like God. But whenever we think like that, we’ve always fallen down for ages.”

The way to happiness_painted stainless steel_97x60x50cm_2009(4)

The <Naked Portrait> series is Sun-Hyuk Kim’s first NFT series released through ENFTEE, and consists of 5 artworks. The series has three subseries: Futile Monument, Naked Portrait, and The Way to Happiness. The series is focused on recognizing humans as a creature as a part of nature, and trying to express their limitations and imperfections in various forms.

This series is limited to a total of 50 editions for each work. Each of the series will be released through ENFTEE.

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