K-Monster Series 1, the First NFT Series by Andy KHUN

Andy KHUN is a veteran in the art field. He introduces himself as a part-time artist. He holds various titles such as illustrator, art director, an artist that creates the cover of books and magazines.

In his spare time he writes stories or thinks of works that will not be sold. He drew various artistic works for more than 400 books, including Encyclopedia of Monsters in Korea, and wrote and illustrated the Encyclopedia of Urban Creatures, Tokyo Pulp Fiction, and My Mediterranean Greeting.

He worked as an art director in <Monthly Yoon Jong-shin>, <Made in Space>, and <Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival>.

He is also active as an artist, exhibiting various types of exhibitions in various places such as Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Starting with the daily drawing project he started in 2013, he is still looking for new types of work, such as drawing archiving based on social media.

<Encyclopedia of Monsters in Korea> took a long time and drew a total of 282 monsters in a consistent style. Andy KHUN said that there was a long research period, and he tried not to be too obsessed with the trend and not to give it a too old-fashioned feel. Most of them are unfamiliar monsters, but he wanted to make them feel familiar, and at the same time, he didn’t want them to feel banal or outdated. One color was too monotonous, so he decided to unify the colors into red and black, and he thought that using all the colors would rather interfere with the viewers’ imagination.

Andy KUHN’s first NFT series to be issued with TriumphX is K-Monster 1. Andy KHUN’s NFT series consists of a total of 12 works, editions 1–10 are pre-sale, editions 11–20 are the first sale, editions 21–30 are the second sale, and editions 31–40 are The third sale will be held. The edition of the previous sale stage will be released at a lower price than the next stage. The first edition will be released through ENFTEE, followed by Sole-X and OpenSea.

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