JAEWON with Special Arts

When you look at the expressions of animals in Kim Jae-won’s work, you can see what the animals are thinking.

A smiling zebra, a hedgehog with wide-eyed eyes, startled and forgot to climb a tree. The animals we see in the artist’s work, such as monkeys, have various expressions.

It sings the kindness that cannot be hidden in the picture. Even animals that can’t get along with them smile and exist as ‘happy’. The big gestures, the superiority in the food chain, or the natural principles we usually see do not exist in the picture. It’s like I want everyone to protect and love my weakness and tenderness.

His paintings are like his wishes and requests to us.

His paintings are published as NFTs on ENFTEE.com as the 1st NFT of November, 2021. Also his paintings are displayed physically at Seoullo 7017.

The way of expression gives the viewer an opportunity to create interesting imaginations. The artist sees colors and whimsical expressions that can stimulate imagination rather than realistic descriptions.
By allowing them to tell their own story, it enhances the fun of looking at pictures.

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