Horse Artist Series One : Dancing Horse & Moonlight

Artist Kim, Seok-young’s first series is “Dance and Moonlight.” When the viewer is looking at the art piece that has no movement, they get confused since they feel the movement. This is not magic. His paint strokes and countless colors gathered to make sense breathe with energy. The brilliant energy flows from one place to another in the picture like an optical illusion. His dance and moonlight series, in which his dynamic words meet the color of the canvas that expresses the night, make him intoxicated by ecstasy, are works that make you want to see even when you are looking at it.

A painter who works with powerful words, flowers, and women as a material with a bold and rough touch, with a brush curled without hesitation as if sculpting with intense primary colors, the sense of speed and matiere(matter) , colors of primary colors felt in the work. His sense captures us.

His work has no choice but to talk about color and touch. Believing that color heals the human soul, he said that color can even evoke human change.

The variation of free-wheeling colors and the harmony of bold and powerful brushstrokes cause an earthquake on the canvas. Those who appreciate the work are invited to a mysterious space filled with infinite energy and enthusiasm to escape from fierce daily life, and are healed with the energy of comfort and support given by the artist.

Horse and His First Interaction

To those who ask when he started drawing horses, he says:

The day the circus came to my town, I was seven years old, and I can’t forget the meeting that day I played war games every day. Even that day, I was wearing a cape and a wooden sword around my waist. As if he waited for a long time for a horse to appear.. The yellowish white fur lost its luster, and the scratches remained in place, clearly showing the history of his past, but the large, cool eyes seen through the drooping mane were as beautiful as reading people’s emotions. I enjoyed the clown, the circus, the juggling, and the car power, but the giant animal standing with a mane in front of a seven-year-old chirping man turned my young visual perception to another level, and my imagination was enough to have explosive power.

After returning from the night road with excitement and excitement, I started drawing dreams and horse drawings from that day, and since then, I have no longer dreamed of falling off the cliff.

If you want to draw out the infinite imagination like a child within me, if you want to be free from his words, let’s meet his words. His words are trying to awaken the value of a fresh sense of the body and the freedom and diversity of the soul.

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