Special Art NFT Transfer Guide

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the NFT Giveaway Event of SPECIAL ARTS genius artists with autism. After the event is over, special art NFTs will be sent to the winners, and the method and procedure for receiving NFTs will be explained as follows.

<Special Art NFT Transfer Guide>

Special Art NFTs will be transmitted through Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In order to receive NFT, the BSC chain must be registered in Metamask, and the registration method is described below.

<How to register BSC chain in Metamask>

Step1. Click <Custom RPC>

When you log in to MetaMask, you will see that the Ethereum mainnet is set as the default chain as shown in the picture below. Metamask can easily register various chains other than the Ethereum mainnet.

To register the BSC chain, first click on <Ethereum Mainnet> and then click on <Custom RPC>

Step2. Entering information for the BSC chain

Accurately enter and store information from the BSC network.

For reference, all transactions on the BSC chain can be checked on the block explorer https://bscscan.com. If the ETH network has etherscan, the BSC network has bscscan. You can check the NFT transfer history through bscscan.

<Check in the Special Art NFT Marketplace>

step1. Connecting BSC Network Wallet to BakerySwap

If the BSC network is registered in MetaMask and you have received NFT in the corresponding wallet week, you can now check the NFT directly in the marketplace.


The above link is to BakerySwap’s site. After opening the platform first, it is linked to the BSC network of the Metamask wallet as shown in the picture above.

There is one caveat here, if you want to register NFT on the marketplace or transfer it to another wallet, you must pay a certain amount of fee. By the way, the fee on the BSC network is BNB, not ETH. And the BNB at this time is not the BNB of the Binanace Chain, but the BNB of the Binanace Smart Chain, so you need to be careful when using it.

step2. Check out NFTs on the marketplace

From BakerySwap’s categories, click <NFT Maketplace>. And if you press <My Artworks>, you can check the NFT like the picture above in Pending state. Once the NFT is approved, you can auction or sell it.

The above was a guide on NFT transfer of special art event.

Thank you.

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