HanJungSun ‘Apartment’ Series with TriumphX

HANJUNGSUN is the artist who is planning to release a new NFT this time.

Artist HANJUNGSUN won the grand prize at the 25th Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association in 2005, and has been selected as a BELT2006 artist and as a NarT young artist by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. Since then, she has expanded the world of various works by combining the pluralism and duplication of printmaking with digital media. She has been active as an artist in ‘A part of Apartment’, ‘Painful Art Project’ and as a resident artist at the Kumho Art Museum in 2007 and 2008, and has been actively participating in solo and group exhibitions in several galleries.

Apartment Block

Artist HANJUNGSUN’s Apart block series is a digital concept in which one pixel is modularized and easy to duplicate and delete. We adhere to the digital method of overlapping layers in a plane by repeating ctrl+c ctrl+v in a real computer program and duplicating and deleting them. It is an artificial nature that seems to recognize even the nature formed in the apartment, which is a schematic form of circles, squares, and triangles, which repeats duplication and deletion within the image.

In this work by artist HANJUNGSUN, an apartment is more than a residence. It is viewed as a medium with great compatibility, which symbolizes money. In the capitalist era, an apartment has the meaning of owning more than a dwelling place, which is in line with the NFT art expanding in the virtual space of the digital age.

Another aNgle — reflection of light

Artist HANJUNGSUN recently painted on a three-dimensional object to ask the essential questions about the relationship between light and shadow, solid and plane, such as ‘Another aNgle — reflection of light’, ‘subtle difference’, and ‘Other Shape’. Through the exhibition of extracting from the printed materials of a work of art and installing it again in a four-dimensional space, the world of the unconscious is drawn out through illusion by expressing a world of boundaries where multiple dimensions overlap. The tendency of the work, which begins with one object, is on the same line as the modular series of the apartment, but it attempts to talk about the essential question, ‘relationship’, that can be different depending on the point of view through the story of subtle differences that arise from repetition that cannot be reproduced.

Artist HANJUNGSUN began to be interested in the NFT news this year with new artists who are taking on the challenge for the first time in the NFT world. Since then, she has been sparing her time and effort to learn about the flow of the NFT world. Artist HANJUNGSUN said, “Paying attention to the fact that the capitalist properties of apartments in modern society, which are easily disappearing and easily created, are not so different from the digital virtual world, we hope that NFT users will also sympathize with the new attempt to freely cross the dimension of reality. The Apart block series of ‘A part of Apartment’ through NFT in partnership with Triumph X is released and I am excited about this.”

Beyond the Art Issue

In the capitalist era, under the theme of art, the project was carried out with the support of the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture under the title of ‘Art that makes money’ by borrowing the process of printing and the trading method of stocks. Using the properties of printmaking, numbering and autographs are written on the back of each work with 100 editions, and a deposit of 10,000 won to visitors who want to purchase is received and delivered as a result. It was a special exhibition under the title ‘Beyond the Art Issue’. It was a special exhibition that aimed to raise the question of the collusion between art and capital and the bubble and the capitalist art market, which regards art as an investment concept, with the recognition of ‘Does painting make money?’.

The digital print ‘Art That Makes Money’, a parody of replacing King Sejong the Great on the 10,000 won bill, has played a role in promoting the artist HANJUNGSUN. She, who majored in media printing, said, “I wanted to satirize the capitalist art society where art is exchanged for money and the value of the work fluctuates like the stock price according to the artist’s name.” HANJUNGSUN’s intention was to seriously contemplate the equation of ‘selling writer=successful writer’.

In the currency she created, the Mona Lisa image is a symbolic figure of modern art newly reborn by Duchamp after Michelangelo. For the 10,000 won parody work, 100 copies of the series with the edition number and the artist’s signature were recorded; the final 27 purchasers were recorded in the order of deposit through the bank transaction opened during the project period, that is, 10,000 won each in the order of edition numbering. Accordingly, the value of the final work was traded at 270,000 won. “Can we fully show how capital intervenes in the order of the art market?” With that thought, she unfolded her own unique world of work.

Small Difference

“I take a reverse approach to the contrast method, one of the techniques of painting, which I have become accustomed to, and pay attention to the difference between painting and reality due to the change in light by arbitrarily fixing or manipulating the method of distinguishing light and shade that is changed by light and shadow. After painting the object according to the light and shade, observe and express the change when placed in the actual light. In this case, a three-dimensional appearance may appear as a flat surface, or a flat surface may appear three-dimensional. These works will be shown as real, life-like paintings, and they will be maximized through painting, photography, and installation. He actively intervenes in artificially setting various formative elements such as subject and object and light and shadow between them in real space.” –HANJUNGSUN-

“Wanted to explore how we can face and understand reality through the meeting of light and medium in flat, three-dimensional, and space.” As her account of the Subtle Differences series shows, it reminds us of differences in perspective through nuances that require detailed observation of things we normally overlook.

A printed work of the same image is hung on one side of the white objects installed in the exhibition hall, which is a white cube, and a mirror of the same size as the work is hung on the other side. The work of the same image as the real thing and the image in the mirror representing the reality are harmonized with the work installed in the space in the space, creating subtle differences that are the same but cannot be the same.

“For me, a canvas or printed work is not a space that simply expresses an image, but a space of multi-dimensional transboundary that appears by overlapping light, object, and shadow of the object, and explores the relationship between object and space containing transcendent temporality. It acts as a field of experimentation. A series of processes that cross the medium of painting, taking pictures, mixing, and printing an object are reproduced within the exhibition space to explore the meaning of the space-time. Elements of, form, and light and shade are appropriately kneaded to play a role that goes beyond the limits of existing paintings.”


Triumph X said, “Among HANJUNGSUN’s Apart block series, ‘Apartment blocks 1 and 2’ are works that were in the collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. Recently, the NFT market is being challenged with sustainability due to the overflowing crypto art, and we have hired artist HANJUNGSUN, who is working on digital art with concerns about this.”

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