ENFTEE.Com Launch


ENFTEE.com creates valuable NFT. With the slogan “ENFTEE, The Digital Collectibles,” ENFTEE.com plans to release series of NFT that provides value to collectors. The series will be in various categories from cryptoart to nft sports cards.

The beta version of ENFTEE.com will be available to the public from Feb. 9th 2021. The beta version will be a test site until March for the users to sign up, create usernames, and purchase the ENFTEEs in the native token called TRIX. During the test launch season, the team plans to track any bugs or errors that exist in the beta version of its platform. Support channels are open to any inconvenience that users experience: support@enftee.com

The Grand Launch

  • Launch on February 10th
  • ENFTEE Launch NFT is provided to users for signing up
  • ENFTEE Launch NFT will be given out until quantities last
  • ENFTEE Launch NFT is in various styles and form of visual art

How would ENFTEE Launch NFT be used?

ENFTEE Platform is planning to buyback the Launch ENFTEEs on a special day to celebrate the special day. The buyback will occur with the native token called TRIX that can be used for the transaction of NFTs on ENFTEE.com.

Series to Come in ENFTEEs

  • Rosa Fantasy : Rock and Robot
  • Mok-Wool : Captain Smile
  • Chanchitos : MundoChanChan
  • Muzik Tiger : Unemployed

Be sure to tune in for our next ENFTEEs.

Don’t miss out on our upcoming ENFTEE Drop!!





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