Daniel Kyong 1st NFT with ENFTEE

The view of the exhibition hall (Speedom Gallery, 2015)

Daniel Kyong, graduated from Chung-Ang University, is a sculpture and installation artist. She creates various imaginary characters and puts them in a real space or in pictures. She says the “Creation of imaginary beings presents reality and at the same time, suggests an ideal world.” She wants to “present an imaginary world that can be accepted as reality, by expressing imaginary beings that no one believes in its existence (but may actually exist).”

Landscape Requiring a Belief(Museumsinsel, Germany)_(Collaboration with photographer Song Kwang Chan)_ Digital pigment print_150*250cm(Installation of variable)_2015
Landscape Requiring a Belief(Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia)_(Collaboration with photographer Song Kwang Chan)_ Digital pigment print_150*210cm(Installation of variable)_2015

She mostly uses polymer clays for her works, and the reason why she’s using the material is because the soft and fragile polymer clays are suitable to tell primary and austere, plain stories. She believes that everyone has a child ego, and the polymer clays are the best material to express light but sincere child’s hearts.

The view of the exhibition hall (Speedom Gallery, 2015)

The <Landscape Requiring a Belief> series is Daniel Kyong’s first NFT series released through ENFTEE, and consists 3 artworks. The series is a collaboration with Song Kwang-Chan, a photographer and also Daniel’s Kyong’s husband, and his photographs. The contrast between the calm and peaceful landscape photographs with vivid imaginary beings creates new utopian images.

— Below is from the Artist —

[Deep Desire]_Daniel Kyong

If something we found does not give us enough satisfaction, it is not something that we were craving for. If we cannot quench our thirst even after drinking a glass of water, what had bothered us certainly was not thirst or thirst alone. We may have wanted getting fully drunk to get rid of weariness or have searched for someone to talk in order to lift out of our loneliness. How can we know what we long for until such craving is fully satisfied? We notice true identity of our desire when we say ‘oh, it is indeed what I have been craving for!’ If we have a desire that feels natural but can’t possibly be fulfilled, the essence of such desire may continue to remain ambiguous.

Since humans cannot escape from the boundary of the earth without putting off humanity, we give up hope and come to have a strong desire at the very moment that we start feeling burdening sorrow. As a human with a strong desire without knowing the end, I am trying to look for true nature of such a desire.

-Don’t give up craving

Depression of the people is related to arrogance and refusal of compliment. Arrogance, according to Jalalu’l–Din Rumi, known as an Islam mystic, is a kind of wrong pride hidden in narcissism or depression. Sometimes, we selectively perceive only the negative side of the world like a person in depression and respond to the sentiment sensitively. We expect if we don’t give up a strong desire and learn how to perceive the world in a different way, we may be able to meet the essence of what we have truly craved for at the end of such a desire. We all refuse to give up a phantom that we may be able to write a script in this life of drama. When life doesn’t flow as we have expected or wanted, we get angry, depressed and in a serious case, get frightened. Most of the people never adapt to the fact that life is a lot bigger than the show we play and perform. Without adaption, however, we cannot learn. If we want to learn a true lesson and grow up, we should accept reality, as somebody in the past has said, “When we plan something in life, we encounter an unexpected happening”. / Daniel Kyong

This series is limited to a total of 50 editions for each work. Each of the series will be released through ENFTEE.

Website : ENFTEE.com
Twitter : ENFTEE Twitter
Instagram : ENFTEE Instagram





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