Collective Yuwol Project Team’s First NFT with TriumphX

When TripleA released NFT through TriumphX, it was an opportunity to continue the work that had been interrupted. Their first exhibition will be reorganized and opened under the name of collective June rather than tripleA on the ENFTEE gallery page.

tripleA Deep Writing

Collective June Artist Note
‘Collective Yuwol’ is a project team of artists Hee-seung Lee and Hyun-joo Cho who want to continue their joint work using the exhibition they planned together in June, when everything is squirming and preparing to move in the middle of the year.

tripleA Deep Writing

Artists Phrase
I would like to record the clarity of ordinary daily life and the sublime of the lasting days that will save life from emptiness using writing, handwriting, writing together, photos, images, and the form of books. It is dangerous to discuss the right and wrong about the work and the act of doing it, but I wash the nib and press the shutter today with the mind that at least it should be built on the sincerity and sincerity of life.

tripleA Deep Writing

Artist tripleA (Lee Hee-seung) is an artist who captures the moments when everyday objects feel unfamiliar and records them. Her work <Graph of memory>, which was exhibited at the Kunstquartier Bethanien Museum in Berlin in 2015, was also presented at the rookie artist special exhibition of ENFTEE, the NFT platform of Triumph X, and all editions were sold out.

Artist Hyunjoo Cho

B. 1995 in Seoul, Korea. Lives and works in London and Seoul.

Cho is a lens-based artist who carries out various visual experiments that produce and are recorded in photographic images.

Her practice began in 2015 when she was first mesmerized by the power of photographic images that inherently takes and cites reality to enter new levels of perception. Her practice both borrows this strength of realism and further interprets the act of photography itself. In doing so, she often considers her photographs not only as final products but also as raw material for the next steps of her practice. Her projects always begin with photographic perception but end with a reconsideration of the frontiers of photography as a medium and material. The tranquil ambiance, organic forms, spatiality that refers to natural terrains, and rich texture are some of the aesthetics she seeks and yearns for.

Her major past exhibitions include “Perception Practice” (Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, 2020), a solo exhibition “The Fingerprints of Light” (Cafe FARO, Tokyo, 2019), “Young Creative Korea 2018” (ARA Art Center, Seoul, 2018). In June 2020, she was awarded the “Ikuo Hirayama Presidential Award” by Tokyo University of the Arts, a recognition for producing art with excellent cultural merit. Currently based in Seoul and London, she is pursuing her Ph.D. in cultural criticism at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

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