Byundaeyong First NFT ‘Adorable Bear Series’

The birth of a creation can be somewhat different — deep sorrow, long painful time, extremely joyful moment. Despite all these excruciating inspiration for the creation of a masterpiece could be found in a simple act of starting. The bears that looks familiar but also seems very new to the eyes were discovered to create awareness for the bears suffering the global warming. The global warming of this planet is also a vital topic for artists, and would be for a while.

The artist Byundaeyong has been expanding his fandom in his art for over 20 years and his bears and other art pieces have been displayed everywhere possible. His bear series has been popular among the young population being featured in a TV show and K-drama. His FRP bear sculpture has made a scene in the biggest exhibition in Korea, COEX. Since the birth of his bear series he has been recognized by the public and the corporate.

The bears that are looking for ice cream and that are carrying ice cream not only represents the real bears that are suffering from global warming but it also metaphorically represents our society where people search for something nonstop. The melting ice cream represents the melting glaciers but it also has the meaning of endless greed that wells up in people’s heart.

Byundaeyong minimizes the detail and numbers of colors used in his art pieces to focus on the message that is portrayed through his art. This is to help the viewers to understand the art piece on their own with their own different perspectives. He hopes that these art pieces gives comfort, cheers people up, and brings consolation to viewers.

Byundaeyong has been active in the United States, Cambodia, Japan, Seoul, and has worked in residency programs such as Cambodia International Residency and New Zero Art Space in Myanmar. He has also participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

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