ASYAAF NFT 1st Series

Artworks by LATENIGHT, Jeonbyeolhee, Leenahyeon, Baeyoorim, and Ryukiseob will be published in this ASYAAF NFT 1st Series, which will be held with five of the artists who have released their works in the 2021 ASYAAF Exhibition.

Jeonbyeolhee [Dream Series]

The work of artist Jeonbyeolhee, drawn with thin lines, creates a solid surface by overlapping lines that may seem fragile.

The works of the fantasy fairy tale series express fantasy, the thought of feeling that there is something that does not exist in reality. Because it does not exist in reality, its existence itself may be fragile, but these illusions have a strong healing power.
The woman in her work, who draws pictures of dreams and fantasies by borrowing images from fairy tales, myths, and birth flowers, has the name ‘Lulu’. She writes tears ‘lu’ in Chinese characters, and her tears become jewel seeds, and various fantasies of comforting people bloom.
A flower with beautiful flower language, a feather that envelops a cold frozen heart. These are all born from Lulu’s tears, comforting and enveloping people.

<Author Biography>

2014 Graduated from Sungshin Women’s University, Department of Western Painting
2012 Graduated from Sungshin Women’s University, Department of Western Painting

<Art Fair>
2021 ASYAAF, Hongmoongwan, Hongik University
2020 Eulji Art Fair, Euljiro Twin Towers

<Solo Exhibition>
2021. 6. 23~ 7. 19 <A fragile and strong world>, Raemian Gallery
2021. 3. 28~ 4. 11 <A fragile and strong world>, Cafe de Amidik

LATENIGHT [True Color Series]

The character that seems to be existing in the space is called Astro. An astronaut on a mission to detect asteroids from the Federal Orbital Space

Station. Astro, who was living in a life where patterns were repeated, came across a funny substance he found by chance, and he started high time. LATENIGHT’s work expresses the views and emotions that Astro sees and feels due to being high, and it also expresses the crossroads of decisions that must be made in a high state.

As the chief designer of the design company, Lorem also serves as a model for its products and projects. Having become famous for her various collaborations, she became her designer and celebrity, and this trend puts her in trouble with how her company will handle her. Artist LATENIGHT expresses the influence of someone’s fame on the people around them and the group to which they belong, and vice versa, through this work.

LATENIGHT artist wants to be called the character artist, who creates a character with detailed background and stories, who also expresses these characters in artistic ways and colors.

<Author Biography>

2021 Seoul- Hongik University 14th ASYAAF Part 1 Participating Artist
2021 Suwon-Gosaek Newsium ‘The 4th Youth Center’ Online Exhibition’
2020 Seoul- ‘THE START’ Dongduk Art Gallery Group Exhibition
2019 Seoul- 9th Patriotic Art Competition, Grand Prize
2017 Seoul-Myeongdong Aloft Art Collaboration

Leenahyeon [Blue Series]

Artist Leenahyeon says that she wants to express and work with a universal perspective that can empathize with the emotions that people commonly feel. When she stands in front of her work, she may not be able to feel the emotions she wants to express at once, but she can feel different emotions through the atmosphere of the work. If you look closely at a scene that looks comfortable, it makes you feel a little awkward, and a scene that seems to share joy makes you look sad if you look closely for a long time. In her work, the emotions she wants to express are different depending on the viewer, and the world of the work expressed through the title of her work can be understood.

<Author Biography>

Currently studying painting at Sejong University

Baeyoorim [Melting Series]

Her works are expressed in the imagination that if her character exists in the virtual world, which has become a hot topic recently, the reality will lead to a flow from point to line and from line to surface. From becoming a single figure in virtual reality to becoming a three-dimensional figure, she thinks that the process of birth might look like a flow of water. It became a big job by weaving scenes from everyday life that happened in 2020, and it was released as an NFT by subdividing it and giving it an animation effect.

She remembers how she felt when she wrote a picture diary when she went back so long ago and thought about what made me a writer. Her painting creation, which started like that, seems to have made her the artist she is today.
“I took the Jinchae technique from the existing ‘Jinchaehwa’ and transferred it to linen, cotton, and various substrates to work on a variety of topics that come to mind. I work mainly on figurative and figure paintings, and recently I am interested in dividing space, space, and objects. I hope that you can see another charm of Korean painting by seeing my work in a different way.”

<Author Biography>

-Graduated from Daegu Gyeongbuk Arts High School, Department of Western Painting
-Graduated from the Department of Oriental Painting, Hansung University
- Attending the master’s course in Oriental painting and Jin Chae-hwa, Hansung University’s graduate school

Ryukiseob [Bedroom Series]

Before we go to sleep, we wonder through all kinds of thoughts. It would be best if we could fall asleep as soon as we lean our head back without thinking and dream only good dreams and wake up refreshed, but the reality is not. In his works, Ryukiseob expresses the feelings he had when he was an exchange student in China and the anxiety he feels before going to bed in reality.

“When I think about my future life in a life I can’t even predict tomorrow, it would be nice if there were other emotions instead of anxiety, but I wonder if it’s common for all modern people to naturally feel anxious and worrisome. Still, my hope before going to sleep is that when I fall asleep and plunge into the world of dreams, the memories of my student days, when I felt pleasant emotions, could be recreated. There is hope since the probability of a dream is really half and half.”

For artist Ryukiseob, the space of the bed is like an intermediate passage. It is a circuit that connects you to the inner world, and it is also a transfer place that allows you to return to the real world from the unconscious state. Artist Ryukiseob, who expressed a bed in which the intricately intertwined inner and reality are mixed, said that the bed has many meanings.

<Author Biography>


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