Artist yooniverse’s 1st NFT with TriumphX

Illustrator yooniverse(Yunseongjoong) is working as an editor for several magazines. He mainly works to capture the feelings he felt while running. Artist yooniverse(Yunseongjoong) was a member of the magazine ‘Runner’s World’ and he was also the editor-in-chief of Runner’s World Korea.

Artist yooniverse(Yunseongjoong) is making the Korean version of ‘Runner’s World’ and is the only magazine specializing in ‘running’. As someone who makes a part of this magazine, he doesn’t neglect running.

Artist yooniverse(Yunseongjoong) expresses various emotions he feels while running through illustrations. He describes his work as being like a ‘comic’ in a newspaper, but he wants to say that it is a new genre of art without using any words to describe his world.

He said that his works were made with the simplest possible lines and dots. He said that he wanted to be known as an artist who creates cute and simple images.

Projects with runners

Artist yooniverse(Yunseongjoong) is working on a project to authenticate the background of runners’ smart watches with his own drawings. He is currently drawing their drawings only for his acquaintances, but he thinks it is a project that can be taken with him for a long run as the recipients seem to be very pleased with the smart watch background.

The first NFT by yooniverse(Yunseongjoong) will be published through This series consists of 24 works, and it will be released in SOLE-X and OpenSea at the same time as ENFTEE. His first NFT series is [Run!Run!Run!] and he is expecting an adventure to the new world of NFT with this series as an artist and as a runner.

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