Andy KHUN 2nd Release on ENFTEE

2 min readDec 30, 2021


Andy KHUN is releasing his 2nd NFT series <Illustrated Portraits> as the last NFT series of 2021.

Andy KHUN is an artist who works in various commercial arts fields as both an illustrator and art director. He started his full-fledged career as an NFT artist by launching his first NFT series on the NFT Art platform ENFTEE.

Andy KHUN was recently selected as an artist for SuperRare, one of the first NFT Art platforms, and from January 3, next year, NFT works will be introduced every day at SuperRare. SuperRare is a project challenged by NFT artists around the world, and it is known for being very difficult and competitive from the artist registration stage. Andy KHUN is now known to the world as a world-class NFT writer recognized by Super Rare.

At the NFT auction hosted by Cyclub and TriumphX at the 2001 Seoul Art Show on the 24th (Friday), there was also an opportunity to be known to the public by winning the bid for the NFT work “Pablo Picasso and His Sad Muses” by Andy KHUN. The series to be released this time can be seen as a series of successful bids.

The <Illustrated Portraits> series to be released at ENFTEE consists of a total of 6 works. The stories of Charles Darwin, Ernest Hemingway, Pope Alexander, Crown Prince Rudolf and Maria Bechera, Vincent van Gogh, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and widely known figures are expressed in illustrated portraits through metaphors and symbols.

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This series is limited to a total of 10 editions for each work. Each of the first editions will be released through ENFTEE, and later will be released sequentially at Sole-X and OpenSea.

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