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Andy KHUN is a veteran in the art field. He introduces himself as a part-time artist. He holds various titles such as illustrator, art director, an artist that creates the cover of books and magazines.

In his spare time he writes stories or thinks of works that will not be…

SohnSeohyun 1st NFT Series, Shift Scene

Sohnseohyun artist was always impressed with the vibe that nature has presented us with.

The artist wanted to express the pressure of life and questions that needs to be answered through our daily lives.

After working alone as a photographer, artist Pyokisik made a debut as commercial picture artist at 2013. He was part of a project that photographs the same scenery for a year, and he is well known for dreamy photo of nature.

Illustrator yooniverse(Yunseongjoong) is working as an editor for several magazines. He mainly works to capture the feelings he felt while running. Artist yooniverse(Yunseongjoong) was a member of the magazine ‘Runner’s World’ and he was also the editor-in-chief of Runner’s World Korea.

When TripleA released NFT through TriumphX, it was an opportunity to continue the work that had been interrupted. Their first exhibition will be reorganized and opened under the name of collective June rather than tripleA on the ENFTEE gallery page.

tripleA Deep Writing

Collective June Artist Note
‘Collective Yuwol’ is a project team of…

Artist Namjeahyun, who majored in Oriental painting at Seoul National University, is working with the technique of coloring on long paper.

In a modern society where human relationships and face-to-face communication are disappearing, people satisfy their absence and loneliness in virtual reality. Some share daily communication through an alliance between…

Artist ENJO graduated from the Department of Sculpture at Dong-A University’s College of Art and majored in art education at the Graduate School of Education at Dong-A University. …

Hello. This is TriumphX.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the NFT Giveaway Event of SPECIAL ARTS genius artists with autism. After the event is over, special art NFTs will be sent to the winners, and the method and procedure for receiving NFTs will be explained as follows.


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