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When TripleA released NFT through TriumphX, it was an opportunity to continue the work that had been interrupted. Their first exhibition will be reorganized and opened under the name of collective June rather than tripleA on the ENFTEE gallery page.

tripleA Deep Writing

Collective June Artist Note
‘Collective Yuwol’ is a project team of artists Hee-seung Lee and Hyun-joo Cho who want to continue their joint work using the exhibition they planned together in June, when everything is squirming and preparing to move in the middle of the year.

Artist Namjeahyun, who majored in Oriental painting at Seoul National University, is working with the technique of coloring on long paper.

In a modern society where human relationships and face-to-face communication are disappearing, people satisfy their absence and loneliness in virtual reality. Some share daily communication through an alliance between game characters in the game, while others create their own world in a virtual world such as the metaverse. As if to comfort these current members of society, Namjeahyun’’s paintings each have their own little world.

Artist ENJO graduated from the Department of Sculpture at Dong-A University’s College of Art and majored in art education at the Graduate School of Education at Dong-A University. Since 2010, the artist has successfully completed several solo and group exhibitions, and the works exhibited at domestic art fairs through Gallery Ibae in 2016 are evaluated as suggesting a new paradigm of sculpture, thereby introducing the world of his work to the public.

In particular, Gallery Leebae selected ENJO as one of the young artists that the Korean art world is paying attention to and held the <2017 Leebae Notable Artists>…

Hello. This is TriumphX.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the NFT Giveaway Event of SPECIAL ARTS genius artists with autism. After the event is over, special art NFTs will be sent to the winners, and the method and procedure for receiving NFTs will be explained as follows.

<Special Art NFT Transfer Guide>

Special Art NFTs will be transmitted through Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In order to receive NFT, the BSC chain must be registered in Metamask, and the registration method is described below.

<How to register BSC chain in Metamask>

Step1. Click <Custom RPC>

When you…

The birth of a creation can be somewhat different — deep sorrow, long painful time, extremely joyful moment. Despite all these excruciating inspiration for the creation of a masterpiece could be found in a simple act of starting. The bears that looks familiar but also seems very new to the eyes were discovered to create awareness for the bears suffering the global warming. The global warming of this planet is also a vital topic for artists, and would be for a while.

How to read: On the subject of the grammar of Perception, Hee-seung Lee recently presented her work in a two-person exhibition at Space Daon.

Exhibition Introduction

In life, we read a lot. To know something, to understand something, to read the text, the context, and anything that lies before your eyes. …

SHHAN majored in interior architecture and has been working in architectural design and interior design for over 10 years. Then, a cat named Niki (Russian Blue) found him and he has been living with her for 8 years.

The motif of the work started with Niki. Niki emoticons were created and released as emoticon stickers for LINE, which is operated by Naver, and are still being sold.

First Images of Nicky

At first Niki was drawn as only white cats, but now it is expressed in various colors as well. Niki is gray, but at first he preferred white for ease of drawing. …

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